Colorado WINS


Become a COPE Contributor


The Colorado WINS Committee on Political Education (COPE) encourages participation in the political process by providing political education, interviewing candidates based on issues relevant to state employees and educating public officials on our issues, among other activities.


Hold politicians accountable

To build political strength, contribute to the COPE committee.


What does COPE do?

COPE mobilizes members to be active in the political process. We also provide contributions to politicians who support state employees and provide information to members about candidates and their positions on such issues as healthcare, pensions, safe working conditions and other concerns that impact state workers. COPE members interview candidates for open positions and give endorsement recommendations to the WINS Executive Board.


What is a COPE Board?

Each year, we elect members to sit on the COPE Board and provide input on our political activities. Only COPE contributors can serve on COPE Board or elect COPE representatives.


Do I have to be a WINS member to be a COPE contributor?

Yes, you have to be a Colorado WINS member to contribute to COPE. If you are not a member yet, please fill out our membership form first, before joining COPE. Contributing to COPE is not a condition of membership in WINS.